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A Whole-Person Approach to Healing: Mind body and spirit


Sarah Fletcher, MD


Board Certification(s)

Family Medicine


Undergraduate School

William and Mary


Medical School

Virginia Commonwealth University


"Dr. Sarah Fletcher is the finest family physician in the world. You never feel like you are on a conveyor belt, as you do with most medical practices today. " - Patient

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Areas of Expertise

Preventive Health           Functional medicine

Chronic Illness                  Lyme Disease

Awards & Certification

Environmental and Herbal Medicine

Ozone Therapy

Hospitals Affiliated With

Inova Loudoun Hospital Center



Sarah S. Fletcher, M.D. is a board certified family doctor who has specialized in Lyme disease since 2002. She incorporates the principles of integrative, environmental, nutritional, manual, and energy medicine to assist her patients’ in their healing journey.

She started Sterling Osteopathic and Wellness Care so that she could focus on her passion of healing with her hands.



God gives us what we need, what will ultimately bless us, what will bless the people around us and what will bring glory to Himself.


It was Dr. Fletcher’s own chronic pain, Lyme disease and inability to effectively ride her equine partners that sent her searching for more healing modalities. She was so impressed with the changes in her own body, balance and riding after the first visceral manipulation class, that she came home and tried it out on her chronic Lyme patients. The results were remarkable. So, one year later, more than 350 hours of in class training plus many hours practicing on everyone, has produced true healing hands.


Dr. Sarah Fletcher received her undergraduate degree from William and Mary and her Doctor of Medicine from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has been practicing as a family physician since 1989. She is the owner of Sterling Family Practice and specializes in the treatment of Lyme disease and chronic illness using functional medicine principals.


Dr. Fletcher is certified in environmental and herbal medicine and has brought manual therapies, ozone treatments and energetic modalities to assist the body in self-healing. Currently she is enrolled in a yearlong fellowship program at GW in Integrative Medicine. In her spare time, she enjoys many hours out on the trails with her horses and gardening.

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