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Medical Record Request

In response to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
of 1996, physicians have been faced with greater complexities when releasing medical records. In an effort to protect patient confidentiality, as well as comply with government regulations, Sterling Osteopathic and Wellness Center has developed policies and procedures to insure that your confidential medical records are handled in a manner meeting all necessary guidelines.


Medical Records will be released only upon written request from the patient. Written requests must be in accordance with the Uniform Health Care Information Act.


SOWC will only release records that were created and maintained by our doctors and clinic. We will not release records received from other clinics or providers. Medical records are provided by a third Party (Healthport) click here for more information.


The requirements for a valid authorization to release medical records are:


  • In writing, dated and signed by patient
  • Specifically identifies patient
  • Specifically identifies the healthcare provider who is to make the disclosure
  • Specifically identifies the information to be disclosed
  • Fill out electronic Record Delivery request form (if you wish your record to be submitted electronically)

Note: an authorization which affects a medical record in which information concerning the performance or results of HIV (AIDS virus), STD testing, substance abuse, and mental or psychiatric treatment must specifically authorize the release of such test and/or treatment information or it will be excluded from the records release.


Specifies the name, address and institutional affiliation of the person or entity to whom the information is to be disclosed

Except for authorizations to provide information to third-party payers, authorizations are valid for 2 years. Revocation must be in writing; an authorization can be revoked at any time unless:

Needed to secure payment for services rendered; or other substantial actions have been taken in reliance on the authorization
(e.g. a claim has been made under a life insurance or disability policy)

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